Fresh & Delicious

Our menu is crafted by sourcing exceptional produce and quality ingredients, catering to all food lovers including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options

Fresh & Delicious

Our menu is crafted by sourcing exceptional produce and quality ingredients, catering to all food lovers including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options

Fresh & Delicious

Our menu is crafted by sourcing exceptional produce and quality ingredients, catering to all food lovers including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options


Order online for pickup at our Cafe on 4/41 Eton St, Sutherland.


Breakfast & Brunch

We offer a variety of innovative and classic breakfast and lunch options, as well as speciality brewed coffee from our experienced baristas. We only use the finest beans roasted by Gabriel Coffee which will make your morning pick-me-up worth starting your day for.


Come experience us for yourself

Pull up a chair, take a taste and come join us! Life is so endlessly delicious!

Often described as a local hidden gem, our warm and vibrant cafe has had a loyal following since we opened our doors back in 2017.

The owners James and Dina have used their cultural backgrounds as well as their heart and soul to create a dining space that literally captivates all your senses from the moment you walk in.

The tantalising aromas, incredible flavours, and the friendly and warm service really make 7th Heaven Cafe more that just an eatery, but an experience you want to repeat morning after morning.

The cafe has been featured The Daily Telegraph, The Leader and multiple online media sites for its diverse food offerings and trends that have helped us gain fans far and wide.

6:30am – 2:30pm Monday – Friday

7am – 2pm Weekends

All Day Brunch


Sonoma organic toast with your choice of white sourdough, soy linseed sourdough, rye sourdough, Panini or Walnut Raisin with butter and choice of condiment



  • 2 free range eggs
  • 630 poached, scrambled, or fried on grilled organic sourdough toast

Build your own

+ Add Bacon $4 / avocado $4 / chorizo $5 / smoked salmon $6 / hash browns $5 / hl


Mediterranean Big Breakfast (GF available)

2 free range organic 630 poached eggs, double rasher bacon, Turkish cheese, grilled tomato, pitted olives, slow cooked marinated fava beans, sumac and lemon spiced labneh, house pickled turnips, and toasted organic sourdough

Vegan Option

Using home made plant based poached eggs, bacon, Green Vie fetta and coconut based sumac and lemon spiced labneh (VV)


Eggs Benedict

2 free range organic 630 poached eggs, fresh spinach, home-made hash browns, grilled asparagus and hollandaise served on toasted organic sourdough with your choice of double smoked salmon, short cut bacon, or ham off-the-bone

Vegan Option

Using all plant based and home-made poached eggs, bacon and hollandaise (VV)


Scrambled Kimchi Chilli Eggs

Soft scrambled eggs with house made fermented chilli, assorted organic forest mushrooms, crumbed goat’s feta, crispy shallots and lime on toasted organic rye sourdough (V)   


Bacon, Egg & Hash Roll (non modifiable)

2 free range fried eggs, double rasher bacon, 2 home-made hash browns, melted cheese, and BBQ sauce served on a long roll  

+ Add Avocado $4

Vegan Option

Using all plant based bacon, fried egg, cheese, home-made hash browns, served with BBQ sauce on a potato burger bun. (VV)

+ Add Beyond Meat ‘beef’ patty and caramelised onion $9

James's Vegan version

+ Add fresh sliced tomato, fresh onion, house fermented chilli and sriracha sauce $4 (VV)


Acai Bowl (GF)

Brazilian acai blended with banana and coconut water, topped with seasonal fresh fruits, house-made granola, shredded coconut, melted peanut butter, goji berries, and chia seeds served with a side of honey (V) or agave (VV)


Shakshouka (GF available)

2 free range baked eggs in our slow cooked tomato, bell pepper, garlic and onion infused sauce, topped with marinated fetta and micro herbs served with a side of toasted organic sourdough (V)

+ Add Chorizo $5

Vegan Option

Using plant based home made poached eggs


double grain porridge (VV)

Rolled oats and amaranth porridge with saffron poaced pear, fresh organic berries, agave glazed macadamia, house made crunchy muesli, and rhubarb compote


Mexican Breakfast Tacos

2 free range organic fried eggs, 8 hour slow cooked pulled beef brisket, avocado, pico de galo, Mexican chipotle sauce on tortillas

Vegan Option

Using plant based fried egg, pulled bbq jackfruit, and house Mexican chipotle sauce (VV)


Smashed Avocado (GF available)

With miso dressing, marinated fetta, chimichurri, pomegranate, topped with home-made dukkah and crushed almonds on toasted organic sourdough (V)

+ Add free range 630 poached egg $3

Vegan Option

Using Green Vie vegan fetta (VV)

+ Add home-made plant based poached egg $4


unicorn noodles

Zucchini noodles, beetroot vernicelli, edamame beans, pickled cabbage, roasted cauliflower, roast baby carrots, cucumber ribbons, marinated avocado, and grilled organic chicken breast with a sesame dressing

Vegan Option

Using plant-based chicken schnitzel (VV)


Sweet potato croquette

with Swiss cheese, sauteed spinach, grilled portobello mushroom, chipotle and sweet potato puree, jalapeno-cranberry chutney, and crisp sweet potato (V)


Gallen’s Protein Bowl (GF)

Grilled chicken breast, grilled halloumi, sautéed organic quinoa, roasted Japanese pumpkin, beetroot and sweet potato crisps, edamame beans, roasted chickpeas, and beetroot hummus

Vegan Option

Using plant based chicken schnitzel (VV)


mediterranean bowl (GF)

House made falafel, roasted pumpkin, quinoa tabouli, seasoned avocado, cucumber ribbons, ajvar, tahini dressing, sumac onion and cabbage (VV)


Cilbir poached eggs

Traditional Turkish breakfast with beetroot hummus, dukkah spiced poached eggs, zaatar toasted sourdough, avocado, with a heirloom tomato salsa and zhoug (V)

Vegan Option

Using home made plant-based poached eggs (VV)


Mediterranean Labneh Chilli Eggs (GF Available)

Spicy house made sumac and lemon spiced labneh with roast cherry tomatoes, spiced chorizo, fire roast peppers, 2 free range 630 poached eggs, house made ghee served with toasted zaatar sourdough


harvest garden

Harissa roasted cauliflower fleurettes, grilled broccoli, home-made beetroot hummus, dukkah spiced pearl barley, double smoked salmon and 2 free range 63° poaced eggs

Vegan Option

Using home made plant-based poached eggs and plant-based prawns (VV)


Taro Pancakes (GF)

House made organic taro pancakes served with macadamia crumble, rum infused banana jam, roast shredded coconut, home-made burnt butter caramel sauce and hazelnut coconut ice cream topped with fresh seasonal berries and dry freeze berries (VV)


Reuben sandwich (GF available)

Freshly sliced corned beef, melted Swiss cheese, tangy home made sauerkraut and a creamy home made thousand island dressing served in toasted organic rye sourdough

+ Add thick cut potato chips $4


Vegan Beef Burger

Grilled Beyond Meat patty with fresh spinach, tomato, caramelised onion, house pickles, melted soy cheese, house made smokey chipotle mayo sauce (VV)

+ Add thick cut potato chips $4


Club Grilled Chicken Sandwich (GF available)

Marinated free range chicken breast, organic free range fried egg, lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, melted Swiss cheese, and aioli served on toasted seeded sourdough   

+ Add thick cut potato chips $4


Vegan Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich

Crumbed fried plant based chicken schnitzel with lettuce, tomato, melted soy cheese and house made vegan aioli on a toasted seeded sourdough (VV)

+ Add thick cut potato chips $4



63° poached / fried egg

Scrambled eggs (x3)

Vegan poached/fried egg


Vegan bacon (each)

Smoked salmon

Grilled mushrooms

Grilled chicken










Avocado marinated         

Hash browns (x2) prepared daily     


Sweet potato chips

Thick cut crispy potato chips      







Kids (under 10)

Kids (under 10)

Scrambled eggs and hash brown on toast (V)


Chicken tenders served with sweet potato chips


Pancakes with seasonal fruits, hazelnut ice cream and maple syrup (V)


Ham off the bone, cheese and tomato toasted sandwich



Coffee by Gabriel Coffee

flat White/latte/cappuccino using Vivace Blend


Short/Long black with guest origin


Iced Coffee/Iced Chocolate/Iced Mocha


Extra shot/almond milk/bonsoy/syrup


Oat milk/coconut milk


Freshly Squeezed Juice


The Healer

Orange, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger and Aloe Vera

Super Greens

Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Ginger and Apple

Sun Soaker

Watermelon, Pineapple, Orange and Passionfruit

Make your own using up to 4 fruits and vegetables

Apple / Beetroot / Carrot / Celery / Kale / Ginger / Lemon / Orange / Pineapple / Watermelon

Spiced Lattes

$4 / $5 / $6

Turmeric Latte

Smooth bodied and laced with the mellow sweetness of ginger and cinnamon.


Improves digestion, boosts immunity, promotes weight loss

Matcha Latte

From the tea fields of japan, the Matcha has a special umami flavour


Boosts metabolism, enhances memory, and increases relaxation

Rooibos Latte

From the fields of south Africa, this full-bodied brew has a gentle nutty flavour


Helps with skin and hair health, helps with digestion, and inflammation

Chai Latte

From India, the chai mix is a complex, spicy, and incredibly tasting signature blend


Boosts energy, and immunity, improves metabolism, prevents bloating

Butterfly Pea Latte

Made from the butterfly pea flower, it is softly sweet with a ginger tinge.


Helps with digestion, helps in pregnancy, and reduces hair fall

beetroot cocoa Latte

Beetroot cocoa is a rich and velvety brew. The botanical beetroot flavour melds deliciously with cocoa, finishing with a warming ginger kick.


A good source of calcium, iron, and potassium

Tea Drop Tea


Malabar chai

This traditional blend of spices supports digestion, improves circulation and is an invigoration caffeine Free chai to be enjoyed any time of day or night.


A blend of herbal mixtures containing peppermint that treats indigestion coughs, cold, and other ailments

english breakfast tea

This rich aromatic morning tea combines a black tea base with lemon myrtle. Aromatic lemon notes are boasted together with warm woody tones.

french earl grey

This blend is a fragrant, bergamot infused black tea combined with a French bouquet of lavender and rose. High in antioxidants, it is wonderfully restoring and relaxing.

China jasmine green tea

Naturally high in antioxidants, this blend is traditionally used to ease digestion and lift energy.

lemongrass and ginger

This simple, zesty blend produces a complex array of sensations. It is traditionally used to ease digestion and reduce nausea.



Acai Smoothie

Acai, banana, and coconut water

Powerhouse Smoothie

Spirulina, banana, vanilla bean paste, vanilla protein, chia seeds, and coconut milk

Tropical Smoothie

Pineapple, mango, banana, spinach, and coconut milk

Breakfast Smoothie

Medjool dates, banana, peanut butter, cocoa, cinnamon, plant based protein powder, MCT oil and almond milk

Bubble Teas


Taro milk tea with boba

brown sugar milk tea with boba

macha milk tea with boba

peach ice tea with lychee jelly

mango ice tea with strawberry pearls



made with real vanilla bean ice cream

Chocolate, caramel, vanilla, Strawberry

Vegan Milkshakes


made with premium coconut based ice cream

Chocolate, vanilla, or Strawberry

12% Surcharge on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Vegan (VV), Vegetarian (V), Gluten Free (GF)

Please advise staff of any allergies including Celiac

We wanted to create something unique, honest and with charm. We created something so euphoric that when you visit us you will feel like you are floating on the clouds in 7th Heaven